Weather Links

National Weather Service -- This link gives you a nice variety of maps -- very useful in making your own "What will the weather be like tomorrow?" predictions, with surface maps and satellite images.

Cloud Cover Forecast -- This is a great way to see where the sun will be shining and you can plan your trip accordingly. Once you are familiar with the site, it is a very powerful tool to determine whether you want to head north, south, east or west to find blue skies.

National Doppler Radar -- This is one of the best links to see precipitation in your area. This map shows areas of precipation, their movements (with arrows) and cloud tops in thousands of feet. Use the time lapse loop to track the progress of storms.Click on an area of the map for a more detailed look at the region you are interested in or type in the city and state for a local forecast.

National Satellite Picture

National Forecast Surface Map

National Warnings Area -- This is a great site to get current info on severe weather.

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